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Communicating Clinical Science with Video Shorts

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Video Descriptions

​Communicating science to the public is a major aim of C-TECC.  This is consistent with our goals of community collaboration and science in the public interest.  Training is also a core activity at C-TECC – especially the graduate students who will become the next generation of clinical scientists.  Accordingly, we have partnered with the University of Delaware Graduate School and Kindea Labs to guide graduate students in producing these video shorts.  Each one represents the exciting work done by the students and their labs.  They have gone to great lengths to make complex topics clear and easy for any audience to understand and appreciate.  We hope these videos have a positive impact both on the consumers who view them as well as the students who created them.

Video Directions

​To view the video shorts, please click either "Video Shorts" or "More Video Shorts" on the left-hand side of your screen. 

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Communicating Clinical Science with Videos
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Communicating Clinical Science with Video Shorts
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